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Zombie Movie Index

There are currently 676 movies in our database.
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Title Year Ratings Get it
2056 Escape from Zombie Island20120.0
28 Days Later 20024.9
28 Weeks Later20074.8
A Little Bit Zombie20120.0
A Virgin Among the Living Dead19732.6
AAAH! ZOMBIES!!20073.3
Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies20120.0
Ada: Zombilerin dügünü20100.0
After Sundown20062.0
Against the Dark20093.0
Alice Jacobs Is Dead20090.0
Alien Dead19803.3
Alien Massacre (Gallery of Horrors)19674.0
All Souls Day20052.7
Alles Zombies20010.0
American Zombie20072.6
Angry and Moist: An Undead Chronicle20042.7
Army of Darkness19924.1
Army of the Dead - Der Fluch der Anasazi20080.0
Astro Zombies19682.0
Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer20125.0
Atomic Brain Invasion20100.0
Attack of the Beast Creatures20022.7
Attack of the Flesh Devouring Space Worms from Outer Space19984.7
Attack of the Vegan Zombies!20100.0
Automaton Transfusion20023.4
Awaken the Dead20072.2
Back from the Dead19570.0
Bad Friend20043.4
Baron Blood19720.0
Bath Salt Zombies20133.0
Battle Girl: The Living Dead in Tokyo Bay19910.0
Battlefield Baseball20034.3
Beneath Still Waters20050.0
Beneath the Surface20073.0
Beverly Lane20100.0
Beyond Re-Animator20034.8
Beyond the Grave20100.0
BFF Zombie20120.0
Big Tits Zombie20100.0
Bio Zombie19984.4
Bio Zombie 2: Bio Cops20003.5
Black Magic II (Gou hun jiang tou)19761.0
Black Sheep20064.8
Blood Creek20090.0
Blood Moon Rising20092.0
Blood Nasty19894.0
Blood of Ghastly Horror19720.0
Blood of the Beast20033.0
Blood Of The Zombie (The Dead One)19613.0
Blood Suckers from Outer Space19840.0
Bloodeaters (Toxic Zombies)19803.8
Bloodlust Zombies20110.0
Bloodsuckers from Outer Space19844.0
Bloody New Year19872.5
Bone Sickness20042.4
Bong of the Dead20110.0
Boot Hill Blind Dead20030.0
Bowery at Midnight19421.5
Boy Eats Girl20054.0
Brain Blockers20072.5
Braindead (Dead Alive)19923.7
Bride of Re-Animator19904.0
Broken Springs20100.0
Bubba's Chili Parlor20052.3
Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror19814.3
C.H.U.D. 19843.0
C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. 19894.0
Cannibal Cheerleader Camp20083.7
Cargo (Shortfilm)20135.0
Carnival of the Damned20084.2
Cast a Deadly Spell19913.5
Catholic Ghoulgirls20053.0
Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell20120.0
Cemetery Man19944.0
Children of the Living Dead20012.0
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things19724.0
Choking Hazard20043.5
Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town19893.7
City of Rott20064.2
City of the Living Dead 19804.7
Cockneys vs Zombies20120.0
Corpse Eaters19744.0
Corpses are Forever20031.5
Creature of the Walking Dead 19650.0
Creature with the Atom Brain19550.0
Creatures From the Pink Lagoon20063.0
Creepshow 19824.3
Creepshow 2 19874.5
Curse of the Living Corpse19643.0
Curse of the Living Dead19740.0
Curse of the Zombie19890.0
Dance of the Dead20084.3
Danger! 50,000 Zombies! 20042.0
Dark Echo 19774.0
Dark Floors20084.1
Dawn of the Dead 19784.7
Dawn of the Dead (remake)20044.8
Dawn of the Mummy19813.3
Day of the Dead 19854.4
Day of the Dead (remake)20083.5
Day of the Dead 2: Contagium20052.7
Day X20051.7
Days of Darkness20072.9
Dead & Rotting20022.5
Dead Air20094.0
Dead and Breakfast20044.3
Dead and Buried19814.0
Dead and Deader20063.3
Dead And Gone20081.0
Dead at the Box Office20050.0
Dead Clowns20031.8
Dead Country20080.0
Dead Creatures 20012.0
Dead Creek20050.0
Dead Dudes in the House19910.0
Dead Flesh20021.0
Dead Heat19883.7
Dead Heist20073.7
Dead in the Water20063.4
Dead is Dead 19924.0
Dead Life20053.4
Dead Meat20044.0
Dead Men Don't Die19904.0
Dead Men Walking 20054.3
Dead Moon Rising 20072.8
Dead Noon20074.0
Dead of Night (Deathdream)19744.0
Dead Past20100.0
Dead Season20120.0
Dead Serious20050.0
Dead Set20084.7
Dead Snow20094.2
Dead Space: Downfall20084.4
Dead Summer20050.0
Dead Things20050.0
Deadhunter: Sevillian Zombies20030.0
Deadlands 2: Trapped20084.3
Deadlands: The Rising 20063.5
Deadly Friend19864.0
Deadtime Stories 220090.0
Death Becomes Her 19864.2
Death Factory20020.0
Death Metal Zombies19953.0
Death of the Dead20110.0
Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill20040.0
Death Warmed Up 19840.0
Deep River: The Island20090.0
Demoni 3 19914.5
Devil's Kiss19761.5
Devil's Playground20100.0
Diary of the Dead20074.5
Die and Let Live 20060.0
Die You Zombie Bastards20053.3
Die Zombiejäger20054.0
Die-ner (Get It?)20092.3
Doctor Blood's Coffin19611.0
Don't Go Near the Park 19812.4
Doomed to Consume20064.0
Dorm of the Dead20061.8
Drive-In Horror20093.5
Dug Up20130.0
Dug Up20130.0
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night20100.0
Eat Me!20100.0
Ed and His Dead Mother19930.0
Edges of Darkness20093.6
Electric Zombies20061.0
Enter the Zombie20060.0
Erotic Nights of the Living Dead19803.7
Escape 19710.0
Evil - In the Time of Heroes20094.7
Evil Dead20130.0
Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn19874.6
Evil Grave: Curse of the Maya20042.1
Evil Keg20070.0
Exhumed 20032.7
Exit Humanity20110.0
Fading of the Cries20110.0
Fangoria Blood Drive20040.0
Fast Zombies with Guns20090.0
Feeding the Masses 20042.0
Fido 20063.7
First Platoon20130.0
Flesh Eating Mothers19883.3
Flesh for the Beast20032.5
Flesh Freaks 20001.0
Flesheater 19883.4
Flight of the Living Dead20074.9
Flotte Jungs auf Zombiejagd19890.0
Fog²- Revenge of the Executed20070.0
Forest of the Dead20052.0
Forever Dead20073.3
Four Horror Tales - Dark Forest20060.0
From a Whisper to a Scream (The Offspring)19870.0
From the Dead of Night 19890.0
Gangs of the Dead (aka Last Rites)20064.5
Gangsters, Guns & Zombies20120.0
Garden of the Dead 19724.0
Gay by Dawn20040.0
George's Intervention20090.0
Ghost Brigade (Grey Knight)19931.0
Ghost Lake 20041.3
Ghost Town 19880.0
Ghost Zombie20070.0
Ghosts of Mars20014.5
Goosebumps – Welcome to Dead House19970.0
Gore Whore19940.0
GoreGoyles: First Cut20030.0
Goremet, Zombie Chef from Hell19860.0
Gory Gory Hallelujah 20030.0
Grapes of Death19780.0
Grave Mistake20080.0
Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse In Love20031.0
Graveyard of the Living Dead20080.0
Hanging Woman 19730.0
Hard Rock Zombies 19853.3
Harold's Going Stiff20110.0
Heavy Metal19813.0
Hell Driver20105.0
Hell of the Living Dead (Virus)19804.5
Hide and Creep20044.3
Highschool of the dead20100.0
Hollywood Mortuary19980.0
Hood of Horror20060.0
Hood of the Living Dead20051.5
Horror Express 19720.0
Horror Hospital19733.5
Horrors of War20060.0
Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels 19992.3
House by the Cemetery19814.6
House of Clocks19894.0
House of Re-Animator20100.0
House of the Damned20083.3
House of the Dead 20033.3
House of the Dead 2 20054.0
House of the Living Dead19730.0
Humans Versus Zombies20110.0
Hunting Creatures 20040.0
I Am Bish20090.0
I Am Legend20074.8
I Am Omega20073.0
I Bury The Living19580.0
I Eat Your Skin19640.0
I Sell the Dead20080.0
I Walked with a Zombie 19430.0
I Was a Teenage Zombie 19870.0
I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I. 19823.5
I, Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain19981.5
I'll See You in My Dreams 20030.0
Idle Hands19994.2
Invasion of the Not Quite Dead20111.7
Invisible Invaders19590.0
It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To20070.0
Jean Claude the Gumming Zombie20094.3
Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence20080.0
Juan of the Dead20110.0
Junk: Shiryô-gari 20004.0
Killing Spree19870.0
King of the Zombies 19410.0
Kiss Daddy Goodbye 19813.0
Knight of the Living Dead20050.0
Kung Fu Zombie19820.0
L.A. Zombie20100.0
La mansión de los muertos vivientes19850.0
Land of the Dead 20054.2
Last of the Living20083.7
Le Divan vert20050.0
Legion of the Dead20051.3
Legion of the Night19950.0
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie19744.3
Let's Scare Jessica to Death 19714.0
Life Force 19854.0
Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout 19920.0
Living a Zombie Dream19960.0
Living Dead at Tokyo Bay19920.0
Living Dead Girl 19824.0
Living Dead Lock Up20050.0
Living Dead Lock Up 2: March of the Dead20073.0
Long Live the Dead20120.0
Lord of the Undead20040.0
Machine Head20110.0
Mad Doctor of Blood Island19680.0
Make-Out with Violence20080.0
Mangue Negro20080.0
Mark of the Astro Zombies20020.0
Meat Market 20003.5
Meat Market 220013.0
Meat Market 3 20063.0
Messiah of Evil (Dead People)19731.5
Motocross Zombies from Hell20070.0
Mulberry Street – After Dark Horror Fest20073.8
Mulva: Zombie Ass Kicker 20011.0
Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood20081.5
Mutation - Annihilation20070.0
Mutation 2 - Generation Dead20010.0
Mutation 3 - Century of the Dead20020.0
My Boyfriend's Back19930.0
Necro Wars20100.0
Necropolis Awakened20022.0
Neon Maniacs19862.7
Night Life19893.5
Night of Horror19780.0
Night of the Comet 19844.2
Night of the Creeps 19864.0
Night of the Day of the ... of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Subhumanoid Zombified Living Dead, Part 320053.3
Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Terror 19913.8
Night of the Dead20062.2
Night of the Ghouls19590.0
Night of the Living Babes 19870.0
Night of the living dead19684.5
Night of the living dead (remake)19904.4
Night of the Living Dead 3D20060.0
Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation20120.0
Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D20130.0
Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated20094.0
Night of the Living Dorks20043.8
Night of the Living Heads20100.0
Night of the Zombies19814.0
Nightmare Alley20100.0
Nightmare Circus19740.0
Nightmare City19804.0
Nightmare of the Living Dead19980.0
Nightmare Weekend19864.3
Nihombie 1 (Zombie Self-Defense Force)20062.0
Nihombie 3 (High School Girl Rika: Zombie Hunter)20080.0
Ninja Zombies20110.0
Ninjas vs. Zombies20102.5
Noctem 20032.0
Not Quite Dead20073.7
Nudist Colony of the Dead 19914.0
O.C. Babes and the Slasher of Zombietown20080.0
Oasis of the Zombies 19812.3
Oh! My Zombie Mermaid (House of Dead)20040.0
One Dark Night19834.0
Onechanbara: The Movie20081.5
Oneechanbara 2 (Zombie Killer Vortex)20092.0
Orgy of the Dead 19653.0
Otto, or Up With Dead People20083.3
Ouanga 19360.0
Outpost 2: Black Sun20123.5
Ozone (Street Zombies)19933.0
Panic (Bakterion, in Greece - Zombi 4)19820.0
Pet Sematary 19894.0
Pet Sematary 2 19924.3
Pig Hunt20080.0
Plaga Zombie - The Beginning19970.0
Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante20013.5
Plague Town20080.0
Plan 9 from Outer Space 19594.0
Planet Terror20074.3
Platoon of the Dead20092.7
Pleasures of the Damned20050.0
Pop Punk Zombies20110.0
Porn of the Dead20060.0
Portrait of a Zombie20104.5
Post Mortem, America 202120110.0
Pot Zombies 20051.0
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead20060.0
Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead19973.7
Prince of Darkness19874.5
Prison of the Dead20000.0
Project Nine20100.0
Punk Rock Zombie Kung Fu Catfight20040.0
Pushin' Up Daisies20100.0
Quarantine 2: Terminal20110.0
Quatermass 219574.0
Rabid 19774.3
Raiders of the Damned 20052.7
Raiders of the Living Dead19863.5
Rammbock - Siege of the Dead20103.9
Raw Force19820.0
Raw Zombie 1119990.0
Re-Animator 19854.6
REC 220093.8
REC³ Génesis20123.0
Redneck Carnage20090.0
Redneck Zombies19873.2
Reel Zombies20083.0
Resident Evil 20024.6
Resident Evil: Afterlife20100.0
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 20044.3
Resident Evil: Damnation20120.0
Resident Evil: Degeneration20084.4
Resident Evil: Extinction 20074.8
Resident Evil: Retribution20121.0
RetarDEAD 20084.0
Return of the Living Dead 2 19884.0
Return of the Living Dead 3 19933.8
Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis 20052.6
Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave 20052.0
Revenge of the Living Dead Girls19871.5
Revenge of the Zombies 19434.0
Revolt of the Zombies 19361.0
Rise of the Damned20110.0
Rise of the Dead20072.0
Rise of the Undead 20051.0
Rise of the Zombies20120.0
Risen 20080.0
Romeo & Juliet vs. The Living Dead20090.0
Rotten Shaolin Zombies 20041.0
Route 666 20012.6
Sabbath 20051.0
Samurai Zombie20084.0
Santa Claus Versus the Zombies20110.0
Santo Contra los Zombis 19620.0
SARS Wars (Khun krabii hiiroh)20044.8
Scary or Die20120.0
Schoolgirl Apocalypse20110.0
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island 19983.3
Serpent and the Rainbow19884.3
Seven Doors of Death (aka The Beyond)19814.6
Severed: Forest of the Dead 20053.7
Sexykiller, morirás por ella20080.0
Shadow: Dead Riot 20063.0
Shadows of the Dead 20042.0
Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead 20041.0
Shatter Dead 19942.0
Shaun of the Dead 20044.8
Shock Waves 19773.3
Sick and the Dead20090.0
Silent Night, Zombie Night20090.0
Slices of Life20100.0
Slime City Massacre20100.0
Slither 20063.1
Sole Survivor 19832.0
Song of the Dead 20052.5
Space Zombie Bingo 19933.0
Space Zombies: 13 Months of Brain-Spinning Mayhem!20040.0
Special Dead 20064.0
Spirit Vs. Zombie19890.0
Stacy 20013.8
Stag Night of the Dead 20090.0
Stoned Dead 20065.0
Storm of the Dead 20061.0
Street of the Dead20080.0
Street Team Massacre 20073.0
Sugar Hill 19740.0
Summer of the Zombies20110.0
Surf 2 19840.0
Survival of the Dead20094.1
Swamp Zombies 20052.8
Tales of Terror19620.0
Teenage Zombie House Massacre20000.0
Teenage Zombies 19590.0
Terror Creatures from the Grave 19654.0
The Aftermath 19820.0
The Alchemist 19840.0
The Aliens and Kong Kong Zombie19890.0
The Blind Dead (Tombs of the Blind Dead)19724.3
The Blind Dead 2 (Return of the Evil Dead)19733.0
The Blind Dead 3 (The Ghost Galleon)19743.0
The Blind Dead 4 (The Night of the Sea Gulls)19754.0
The Bloodfest Club20120.0
The Bog Creatures20030.0
The Boneyard19914.8
The Book of Zombie20104.3
The Brain That Wouldn't Die19620.0
The Cabin in the Woods20110.0
The Child 19773.0
The Chilling 19981.3
The Clown (Le Queloune)20084.2
The Crypt20092.0
The Curse of the Screaming Dead 19822.0
The Dark Power 19853.0
The Day It Came to Earth 19790.0
The Dead20094.3
The Dead are Alive19720.0
The Dead Don't Die 19750.0
The Dead Hate the Living 20002.8
The Dead Live 20063.0
The Dead Next Door 19894.8
The Dead Outside20083.8
The Dead Pit19894.7
The Dead Undead 20090.0
The Death Curse of Tartu 19660.0
The Earth Dies Screaming 19650.0
The Evil Dead19814.5
The Ghost Breakers 19400.0
The Ghoul 19330.0
The Ghouls 20032.0
The Granny 19954.0
The Harvard Zombie Massacre20135.0
The Horde20094.6
The Horror of Party Beach19640.0
The House by the Cemetery 19813.7
The House of Seven Corpses 19742.0
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies 19643.0
The Jitters 19894.0
The Last Man on Earth 19644.5
The Laughing Dead 19891.5
The Living and the Dead20060.0
The Living Corpse20100.0
The Living Dead Girl19820.0
The Mad20073.2
The Mad Ghoul 19431.0
The Mental Dead 20034.0
The Midnight Hour 19854.5
The Midnight Hour19850.0
The Necro Files 19970.0
The Necro Files 2 20030.0
The Plague 20061.3
The Plague of the Zombies 19661.0
The Quick and the Undead 20063.2
The Rage 20071.5
The Rape After 19864.5
The Reincarnation of Isabel19730.0
The Resurrection Game 20010.0
The Return of the Living Dead19854.7
The Revenant20090.0
The Revolting Dead 20031.0
The Rising Dead 20081.0
The Roost 20053.3
The Video Dead 19873.5
The Walking Dead (TV Series)2010 -4.5
The Zombie Army 19914.3
The Zombie Chronicles20010.0
The Zombie Diaries20063.2
The Zombie King20120.0
The Zombinator20120.0
To Kako (Evil) 20054.2
Tokyo Zombie20054.2
Toxic Lullaby20104.5
Uncle Sam19971.7
Undead or Alive20072.8
Undead Pool20070.0
Undead Ted 20073.0
Uniform SurviGirl I20084.0
Uniform SurviGirl II20080.0
Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies 19920.0
Vampires vs. Zombies 20042.3
Vengeance of the Zombies 19733.0
Versus 20004.2
Virus Undead20083.5
Voodoo Dawn 19910.0
Voodoo Island 19570.0
Voodoo Man 19440.0
War of the Dead 20063.0
War of the Dead aka Stones War20103.5
War of the Zombies (Roma contro Roma)19643.0
Warm Bodies20132.0
Warning Sign 19854.0
Wasting Away20073.7
Waxwork 19884.3
Weekend at Bernie's II 19930.0
What to do in a Zombie Attack20064.3
When Good Ghouls Go Bad20014.0
White Zombie 19321.0
Wicked Little Things 20063.4
Wild Zero 20004.0
Wiseguys vs. Zombies 20031.5
Woke Up Dead20090.0
World War Z20134.0
Worst Case Scenario20094.5
Z: A Zombie Musical 20070.0
Zeder 19831.0
Zibahkhana 20072.0
Zombi Holocaust (aka Zombie 3)19802.0
Zombi II (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters, aka Zombie)19794.5
Zombi III (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters 2)19883.8
Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence 19914.0
Zombie 4: After Death (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters 3)19883.5
Zombie 5 (Killing Birds)19871.5
Zombie A-Hole20120.0
Zombie Apocalypse20103.7
Zombie Apocalypse Now!20081.0
Zombie Attack!20040.0
Zombie Beach Party (Enter...Zombie King)20031.0
Zombie Bloodbath 19934.3
Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage of the Undead 19950.0
Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon 20000.0
Zombie Brigade 19861.0
Zombie Campout20030.0
Zombie Cop 19910.0
Zombie Cult Massacre 19981.0
Zombie Dearest20094.0
Zombie Death House19872.5
Zombie Doom19991.0
Zombie Driftwood20102.3
Zombie Farm 20073.0
Zombie Genocide 19931.5
Zombie Hamlet20120.0
Zombie High 19874.0
Zombie Holocaust19950.0
Zombie Honeymoon 20042.3
Zombie Hunter20050.0
Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead20081.0
Zombie Island Massacre 19843.0
Zombie Lake 19811.8
Zombie Nation 20042.3
Zombie Night 20033.8
Zombie Night 2: Awakening20061.0
Zombie Nightmare 19860.0
Zombie Ninja Gangbangers 19970.0
Zombie Planet 20042.5
Zombie Planet II: Adam’s Revenge 20051.0
Zombie Rampage 19890.0
Zombie Reanimation20094.0
Zombie Strippers 20083.8
Zombie Town 20072.4
Zombie Toxin 19981.0
Zombie Vegetarians 20040.0
Zombie Wars20061.5
Zombiegeddon 20092.3
Zombies Anonymous (Last Rites of the Dead)20063.0
Zombies by Design 20064.0
Zombies Gone Wild 20071.7
Zombies of Mass Destruction20094.3
Zombies of Mora Tau 19570.0
Zombies of the Stratosphere 19520.0
Zombies on Broadway 19451.0
Zombies Vs. Strippers20120.0
Zombies: The Beginning 20074.3
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! 20083.0
Zombiethon 19861.0
Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun20100.0
Zonbi asu20114.0
Zone Of The Dead20094.1